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Russia is the largest country in the world, covering land in both Europe and Asia. Its capital is Moscow. It borders countries such as Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, China, North Korea, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Georgia ,Ukraine and Mongolia by land and countries such as Japan and The United States by sea.

Magical Education

Koldovstoretz is a Russian School of Witchcraft and wizardry.


  • Nogtail — The Nogtail is a demon-like creature resembling a piglet, but stunted by narrow black eyes, a thick stubby tail, and long legs. Nogtails sneak into a pigsty, and suckle on an ordinary pig which curses the farm. The longer the Nogtail goes undetected, the longer the blight will stay on the farm.
  • Pogrebin — The Pogrebin is a foot-tall Russian demon with an oversized grey head. The Pogrebin is attracted to Humans, and enjoys trailing them. When the Human turns around, the Pogrebin crouches down, and, because of its large head, resembles a rock. If the creature manages to tail a Human for a few hours, and sense of despair and futility will wash over the Human.

Known residing witches and wizards

  • Petrova Porskoff — Petrova Porskoff was a Russian Chaser and the presumed inventor of the Porskoff Ploy.
  • Babayaga — She was a Russian Hag who regularly ate children for breakfast, and presumably lunch and dinner as well. She lived in a hut that stood on giant chicken legs.


It is presumed that Russia had its own Quidditch team and league, as Petrova Porskoff, Chaser and inventor of the Porskoff Ploy, was Russian.


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