This pumpkin patch was owned and cared for by Rubeus Hagrid, gamekeeper at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and was located behind Hagrid's cabin on the Hogwarts Grounds.


During the School Year

The pumpkin patch was where Hagrid grows enormous pumpkins for the school's Hallowe'en feast every year on 31 October. These pumpkins are usually carved into Jack-o-Lanterns and enchanted to hang from the ceiling in the Great Hall or in the corridors.


Pumpinks Hagrid POA 1

The pumpkin patch in 1994

Hagrid used his pumpkin patch to tether the hippogriff Buckbeak in 1993 while awaiting its sentence of death[1]. With help from the Time-Turner, Harry Potter and Hermione Granger were able to successfully lure Buckbeak out of the pumpkin patch with dead ferrets and have him escape before his execution, and let Sirius take him to be free. Upon finding the hippogriff gone, the executioner (Walden Macnair) hurled his axe at a pumpkin in frustration.


In 1996, the pumpkin patch was were Aragog's funeral took place[2]. With the aid of Harry and Horace Slughorn, Hagrid dug a grave for the acromantula and laid the enormous spider to rest with Slughorn saying a few words celebrating his memory.


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