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"I also had a few special editions printed for my dear sisters, which unfortunately contained a few misprints that led to quite a few comical mishaps! But Romilda's tail has vanished now, and we're all friends again."
Miranda Goshawk, Book of Spells (Foreword)[src]

Romilda Goshawk (fl. 1921) was one of Miranda Goshawk's eight older sisters.[1]

She, along with her sisters, used to attempt to give their youngest sister the wrong incantation for every spell she attempted to cast, thus hindering her learning of magic which she found complex enough as it was, given that the instructions that she found in the old-fashioned textbooks she was given during her school years were needlessly complicated. As a result, when she grew up, Miranda became quite an accomplished spellbook writer, wishing to make teaching and learning about spells an easier feat.[1]

When she wrote Book of Spells, Miranda had a few "special editions" (actually editions with misprints) sent to her sisters, and as a result, Romilda was left with a tail that eventually vanished.[1]


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