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Roderick Plumpton (1889-1987) was the Seeker for the Tutshill Tornados Quidditch team during the early 1900s. He invented the Plumpton Pass during a match against the Caerphilly Catapults in 1921, where he caught the Golden Snitch after three and a half seconds.


Plumpton led the Tornados to five consecutive League Cups, and played Seeker for the English National Quidditch team twenty-two times. While critics allege his 'Plumpton Pass' was an accident, and the Snitch had merely flown up his sleeve, Plumpton insisted until his death that he meant to do it.


The name "Roderick" means "famous power" from the Germanic elements hrod "fame" and ric "power". This name was in use among the Visigoths; it was borne by their last king (also known as Rodrigo), who died fighting the Muslim invaders of Spain in the 8th century. It also had cognates in Old Norse and West Germanic, and it was introduced to England by Scandinavian settlers and the Normans, though it died out after the Middle Ages. It was revived in the English-speaking world by Sir Walter Scott's poem 'The Vision of Don Roderick' (1811).


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