The River Troll is a breed of Troll. It has short horns, purple skin, and is hairy. They are often found lurking beneath bridges or in the middle of rivers.[1] The largest known river troll was defeated by Almerick Sawbridge and was believed to weigh a ton.[2]

A River Troll was the first obstacle of the Wizarding Schools Potions Championship. The champion from Mahoutokoro School of Magic managed to run across the troll's bridge while it was asleep, disturbing it and causing it to guard the bridge more carefully. Therefore, in order to pass the troll, the Hogwarts potions champion caught some fish (using worms as bait), coated the fish in Shrinking Solution, and then coerced the troll into eating them. This regressed the troll to the size of a child, thus rendering him non-threatening enough for the champion to pass.[3]


River Troll

A River Troll

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