Miranda Richardson as Rita Skeeter (GoF-promo-03)

Rita Skeeter

"In person, Rita Skeeter is much warmer and softer than her famously ferocious quill-portraits might suggest. Greeting me in the hallway of her cosy home, she leads me straight into the kitchen for a cup of tea, a slice of pound cake and, it goes without saying, a steaming vat of freshest gossip."
—Betty Braithwaite[src]

Rita Skeeter's home was the residence of the journalist and author Rita Skeeter. It was said to be cosy.

In 1997, Betty Braithwaite visited here and met Rita Skeeter in the hallway. Rita then led her into the kitchen, where she served her tea and a slice of pound cake. The two then had an interview session regarding Rita's upcoming title, The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore.[1]


Notes and references

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