"Ripper just pines when I'm away."
Marjorie Dursley[src]

Ripper was one of Marjorie Dursley's twelve bulldogs. The dog whined while Marjorie was away, resulting in her taking him if she went away on trips (for example, to visit her brother at Privet Drive), while leaving the others to be cared for by Colonel Fubster.

The dog had at one time chased Harry Potter up a tree in the Dursley's yard after Harry had trodden on his paw. Harry was stuck there until Marjorie called him off after midnight.

Marjorie also has the habit of sharing table scraps with him, such as licking the plate or licking brandy or wine off of her glass during mealtimes. In 1993, Marjorie brought Ripper with her when paying a visit to the Dursleys. His growling directed Marjorie's attention to Harry, but he later sank his teeth into Vernon's leg when she started to float away after being blown up by Harry.[1]

Author's comments

In December 2012 comments written for Pottermore, Rowling stated that she regretted making Marge a breeder of bulldogs, as she now knows them to be a non-aggressive breed, and her sister owns one. She does note, however, that they do look grumpy, and thus suited Marge.[2]

Behind the scenes

  • In the American version, Harry treads on Ripper's tail, but in the British version he treads on his paw.


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