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"Always thought he was odd. Unfriendly, like. I'm sure if I've offered him a cuppa once, I've offered it a hundred times. Never wanted to mix, he didn't."
—The cook on Frank Bryce.[src]

The Riddles' cook was a Muggle woman who served as a cook in the Riddle House, before her masters were murdered.


Cook for the Riddles

This woman served the Riddle family in the capacity of a cook. She probably lived in the Riddle House along with other employees. [1]

The Riddle Murders

Many town residents gathered at The Hanged Man to gossip on the night the Riddles were murdered in 1943. It was her who brought the news about the arrest of the Riddles' gardener, Frank Bryce, after quite a dramatic entrance. She suspected Bryce did it, pointing out how easily he could have done it, since he had a set of spare keys to the house.


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