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"Riddikulus" is an adaptation of "ridiculous" as well as of ''ridiculum'' (Latin, "joke") and ''ridere'' (Latin, "to laugh").
"Riddikulus" is an adaptation of "ridiculous" as well as of ''ridiculum'' (Latin, "joke") and ''ridere'' (Latin, "to laugh").
{|cellspacing="0" border="1" bgcolor="white"
|[[Albus Dumbledore]]
|The corpse of his sister [[Ariana Dumbledore]]<ref>[ "A transcript of a web chat with J.K. Rowling"] from [ The Leaky Cauldron]</ref>
|[[Seamus Finnigan]]
|A [[banshee]]
|She lost her voice.
|[[Hermione Granger]]
|[[Minerva McGonagall|Professor McGonagall]] telling her that she failed her exams or failure in general.
|[[Minerva McGonagall|Professor McGonagall]] giving her an award.<ref>''[[LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4]]''</ref>
|[[Neville Longbottom]]
|[[Severus Snape]]
|Snape was wearing [[Augusta Longbottom|Neville's grandmother]]'s clothes.
|[[Remus Lupin]]
|Full moon
|A balloon
|[[Harry Potter]]
|A [[Dementor]] (or simply "fear", as stated by [[Remus Lupin|Lupin]])
|Smoke/uses [[Patronus|Patronus Charm]].
|[[Parvati Patil]]
|A [[Mummy|mummy]]
|It tripped over its bandages.
|[[Tom Riddle|Tom Marvolo Riddle]]
|His own dead body
|[[Dean Thomas]]
|Disembodied living hand
|Caught in a mousetrap
|[[Molly Weasley]]
|Dead family/friends
|[[Ronald Weasley|Ron Weasley]]
|[[Acromantula|Giant spider]] (or any [[spider]] for that matter)
|No legs
|[[Padma Patil]]
|A [[Snake|giant cobra]]
|A jack in a box
*[[Minerva McGonagall]]
*[[Rubeus Hagrid]]
*[[Filius Flitwick]]
*[[Severus Snape]]
*[[Alastor Moody]]
*[[Rolanda Hooch]]
*[[Gilderoy Lockhart]]
*[[Poppy Pomfrey]]
*[[Irma Pince]]
*[[Pomona Sprout]]
*[[Sybill Trelawney]]
*[[Aurora Sinistra]]
*[[Septima Vector]]
*[[Katie Bell]]
*[[Seamus Finnigan]]
*[[Percy Weasley]]
*[[Fred Weasley]]
*[[George Weasley]]
*[[Oliver Wood]]
*[[Ginevra Weasley]]
*[[Colin Creevey]]
*[[Parvati Patil]]
*[[Angelina Johnson]]
*[[Lee Jordan]]
*[[Alicia Spinnet]]
*[[Draco Malfoy]]
*[[Vincent Crabbe]]
*[[Gregory Goyle]]
*[[Marcus Flint]]
*[[Millicent Bulstrode]]
*[[Padma Patil]]
*[[Cho Chang]]
*[[Penelope Clearwater]]
*[[Justin Finch-Fletchley]]
*[[Cedric Diggory]]
*[[Susan Bones]]
*[[Ernest Macmillan|Ernie Macmillan]]
*[[Hannah Abbott]]
*[[Arthur Weasley]]
*[[Unidentified registered Animagus]]
*[[Sirius Black]]
*[[Lucius Malfoy]]
*[[Tom Riddle]]
*[[Igor Karkaroff]]
*[[Amos Diggory]]
*[[Bartemius Crouch Sr.]]
*[[Doris Crockford]]
*[[Garrick Ollivander]]
*[[Madam Malkin]]
*[[Madam Rosmerta]]
*[[Stan Shunpike]]
*[[Rita Skeeter]]
*[[Cornelius Fudge]]
*[[Ernie Prang]]
*[[Myron Wagtail]]
*[[Kirley Duke]]
*[[Donaghan Tremlett]]
*[[Orsino Thruston]]
*[[Shifty wizard]]
*[[Honeydukes Express lady]]
*[[Fleur Delacour]]
*[[Viktor Krum]]
*[[Gabrielle Delacour]]
|[[Tom Riddle|Lord Voldemort]]
|Voldemort gets a dummy.<ref>''[[LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4]]''</ref>
==Behind the scenes==
==Behind the scenes==

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"'R-r-riddikulus!' squeaked Neville. There was a noise like a whip-crack."
—Neville casts this spell.[src]

Riddikulus is a charm that is used in defence against a Boggart. It causes the creature to assume a form that is humourous to the caster, thereby counteracting the Boggart's ability to terrorise. Boggarts are defeated by laughter, so forcing them to assume an amusing form is the first step to defeating them. However, as Boggarts are ammortal, this spell does not truly dispel them, similar to the Patronus Charm.

To cast, the spellcaster must first acknowledge what they fear the most (as it will most likely what the Boggart will take form of) and then visualize it into something amusing. The problem is, because the Boggart would have assume said form at the moment of direct encounter, the one attempting to use this charm would have lost concentration after seeing the Boggart manifest their worst fears, making this spell useless. As such, it is always advisable to first take one step at a time when practicing this enchantment.

Professor Remus Lupin taught this to his third year Defence Against the Dark Arts class. Thanks to Lupin's teaching, Harry Potter was able to use this against a Boggart in the Triwizard Maze in 1995.


"Riddikulus" is an adaptation of "ridiculous" as well as of ridiculum (Latin, "joke") and ridere (Latin, "to laugh").

Behind the scenes

  • In LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4, only Ron and Hermione learn this spell due to Harry being locked out of the class while Lupin is teaching it to his class. Harry instead learns Expecto Patronum from Lupin to defeat his Dementor boggart, and in return Ron and Hermione do not learn Expecto Patronum.


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