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Filchparty 012

Argus Filch

Albus Dumbledore: "Well, how have you been keeping, Horace?"
Horace Slughorn: "Not so well. Weak chest. Wheezy. Rheumatism too. Can't move like I used to. Well, that's to be expected. Old age. Fatigue."
Albus Dumbledore: "And yet you must have moved fairly quickly to prepare such a welcome for us at such short notice. You can't have had more than three minutes' warning?"
Horace Slughorn: "Two. Didn't hear my Intruder Charm go off, I was taking a bath. Still, the fact remains that I'm an old man, Albus. A tired old man who's earned the right to a quiet life and a few creature comforts."
Albus Dumbledore and Horace Slughorn in 1996[src]

Rheumatism is a non-specific term for medical problems afflicting primarily older people, affecting the joints and connective tissue, but normally used to describe any of a number of painful conditions of muscles, tendons, joints, and bones.

Argus Filch suffered from rheumatism, and as such, had trouble when bowing.[1] Horace Slughorn also claimed to do so, but given the agility he featured in his old age, it is unlikely.[2]


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