"The Revealing Charm will reveal invisible ink and messages hidden by magical means. Simply tap a book or parchment with your wand and any hidden message will be revealed. This spell is more than sufficient to overcome the basic concealing charms and so is a favourite of parents and teachers alike."
Miranda Goshawk, Book of Spells[src]

The Revealing Charm[1] (Aparecium) is a charm that forces invisible ink or other hidden messages to appear. It is also possible this spell can be used to make other invisible things reveal themselves.


Hermione Granger used this spell on Tom Riddle's Diary to see if anything could be read. Nothing appeared after she used the spell because that was not the enchantment placed on the book.

This spell is also listed in the Book of Spells' (chapter 2) by Miranda Goshawk.

Known practioneers

"She tapped the diary three times and said, "Aparecium!""
—Hermione using the spell on Tom Riddle's diary[src]


The Latin word appareo which means "to become visible or to appear".

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