"Right then. I've had a letter from Professor Lupin about this class. Seems you've had a pretty thorough grounding in tackling Dark creatures — you've covered boggarts, Red Caps, hinkypunks, grindylows, Kappas, and werewolves, is that right? But you're behind — very behind — on dealing with curses. So I'm here to bring you up to scratch on what wizards can do to each other. I've got one year to teach you how to deal with Dark —"
Alastor Moody (actually Bartemius Crouch Jr in disguise) to his fourth year class.[src]

This letter was written by Remus Lupin to Alastor Moody, sometime in the summer of 1994, in order to inform the latter on the subject he had taught the students the previous school year. Death Eater Bartemius Crouch Jr, who kept the real Moody locked up, while he kept his physical appearance by drinking a Polyjuice Potion, intercepted this letter and read it.[1]


Notes and references

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