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Regurgitating Toilet
Object information



Pranking of unsuspecting Muggles.

"Anti-Muggle pranksters. We had two last week, one in Wimbledon, one in Elephant and Castle. Muggles are pulling the flush and instead of everything disappearing - well, you can imagine."
Arthur Weasley explaining regurgitating toilets to Harry Potter.[src]

A regurgitating toilet is a toilet magically enchanted by wizards in order to prank unexpecting Muggles. The flush is pulled instead of pushed, and everything is regurgitated instead of disappearing down the drains. Muggle plumbers have trouble figuring out why these toilets regurgitate everything back out. Due to such a prank being too trivial for Aurors to handle, it is up to the Magical Law Enforcement Patrol to catch those involved[1], though it was left to Arthur Weasley in his job as head of the Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Office to investigate the incident and perform the appropriate Anti-Jinx, which was described as "simple enough."[2]

Known occurrences

"'Third regurgitating toilet reported in Bethnal Green, kindly investigate immediately.' This is getting ridiculous..."
—Arthur Weasley, reading an interdepartmental memo[src]

Willy Widdershins was responsible for three regurgitating toilets in Wimbledon, Elephant and Castle, and Bethnal Green over the summer of 1995. One of his toilets backfired, and he was critically injured, after which the Magical Law Enforcement Patrol was able to arrest him. To avoid prosecution by the Wizengamot, Widdershins provided Dolores Umbridge with details on a student gathering in the Hog's Head.[3]


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