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Regulus Black (19061959) was a pure-blood wizard, the youngest child of Sirius Black II and Hesper Gamp and brother of Arcturus Black III and Lycoris. Regulus never married and never had children.[1]

Behind the scenes


Members of the Black family and their history seem to have made a tradition of naming their children after stars and constellations. In Latin, regulus means "little king" and was one term for a basilisk. As a name, it has also been applied to the star Alpha Leonis, which is situated at the heart of the lion in the constellation Leo. Regulus was also the family name of a Roman general, Marcus Atilius Regulus, who was known for his honour and self-sacrifice.[2] Arcturus is also a star, in the constellation Boötes. It is derived from Ancient Greek meaning "bear guardian".


Notes and references

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