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"- it is an old piece of dark magic, the potion that revived me tonight -"
Lord Voldemort's description of the Regeneration Potion[src]

The regeneration potion is a Dark potion that restores a wizard whose body has become maimed and disfigured to their true and whole bodily form. The potion requires a cauldron large enough for a grown man to sit in as well as three crucial ingredients: bone unknowingly taken from the Dark Wizard's father, flesh willingly sacrificed from one of his servants, and the blood forcibly extracted from one of his foes. The remainder of the ingredients, if any besides water are needed, remain unknown.


"Bone of the father, unknowingly given, you will renew your son! Flesh of the servant, willingly sacrificed, you will revive your master. Blood of the enemy, forcibly taken, you will resurrect your foe."
Peter Pettigrew reciting the incantation for the potion's creation.[src]

Voldemort's rebirth

"The Dark Lord shall rise again!"
Wormtail as he completed the potion to restore his Master in 1995.[src]
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - Lord Voldemort returns part 1 (HD)04:21

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - Lord Voldemort returns part 1 (HD)

Voldemort is reborn

In 1994, Lord Voldemort had Wormtail prepare the potion, save for its most crucial ingredients, for his rebirth. While Voldemort had the flesh at hand due to Wormtail's presence and could easily gain access to his father's bone from his grave, he wanted Harry Potter's blood to rise "greater and more terrible" than when he fell. Through a complex plan, one of Voldemort's loyal servants, Barty Crouch Jr., managed to send Harry to him. With the three ingredients, Voldemort was able to regain his new body.

The use of Harry's blood in the potion, however, would come to be a mistake as it prevented Voldemort from killing Harry because the blood passed Lily Potter's protection to Voldemort and anchored Harry to the living world through him, ensuring the Dark Lord's defeat three years later. Voldemort believed that by using Harry's blood, it would allow him to bypass Lily's protection, when in fact it actually strengthened it.

Behind the scenes

  • In LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4, Peter Pettigrew used Harry's glasses and cranial bone, most likely to avoid violence. Instead of using a knife, Peter Pettigrew simply takes his hand off. When Voldemort is returning he wears Harry's glasses. Also, Voldemort is sucking a dummy as a baby and lies in a pram. Also, Voldemort rises from the cauldron, but already has his cloak on.
  • In the book Voldemort rises from the cauldron. In the movie, the cauldron catches fire and melts as Voldemort's body regenerates in mid-air and the cauldron gets Transfigured into a cloak.


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