The Regency Playhouse's logo

The Regency Playhouse was a theatre presumably located in London.

In 1993 and 1997, the Regency Playhouse promoted the play Lost Soul with ads on double-decker buses in London, suggesting that it had a four-year run at the theatre, or was produced on two separate occasions.[1][2][3]

In the summer of 1997, an adapted production of Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare's classic tragedy, was staged at the Regency Playhouse by the Carneiro Players.[4] This production was directed and designed by M. Carneiro and featured music by Luca Caruso and Alice Tolipan.[4]


The Regency era was a term for the United Kingdom in the 1810s, so called because the kingdom was ruled by a prince regent rather than a formal king at the time. During this period, great achievements were made in the fine arts and architecture, hence why a playhouse would be named such.


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