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"My dear young friend, I believe we have found the perfect fit, for this is a wand made of reed, which is excellent for wizards who are bold and eloquent speakers and great protective friends."

Reed is a generic polyphyletic botanical term used to describe numerous tall, grass-like plants of wet places, which are the namesake vegetation of reed beds. They are all members of the order Poales (in the modern, expanded circumscription). It can be used as a wand wood. Though Garrick Ollivander himself did not use it, his associate in the Hogsmeade branch was known to sell wands made from reed.[1]

According to the Hogsmeade branch of Ollivanders, reed wands were best suited to those who were bold and were eloquent speakers, and proved to be very protective friends.[2] Coupled with a core of dragon heartstring, the owner's loyalty would be greatly admired by their friends.[2]

Reeds grew in the small bodies of water located in the Forbidden Forest.[3]


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