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Shrinking Charm




Hand Movement

Reducio movement




Shrinks target[1]

"These straightforward but surprisingly dangerous charms cause certain things to swell or shrink. You will be learning both charms together, so that you can always undo an over-enthusiastic cast. There is thus no excuse for having accidentally shrunk your homework down to microscopic size or for allowing a giant toad to rampage through your school’s flower gardens."
Miranda Goshawk[src]

The Shrinking Charm[2]. (Reducio[1]) is a charm that enables a witch or wizard to decrease the apparent physical size of the target, both internally and externally[2]. It also can act as the counter-spell for the Engorgement Charm, causing the Engorged object to return to its original size[1].

The Shrinking Charm was used as the potion-making spell for the Shrinking Solution.[3]



The incantation is a Latin word meaning "to reduce" or "is reducable", fitting for this spell's effects[7].

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