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Red oak (Quercus rubra)
Species information
Alternative names
  • Northern oak[1]
  • Champion oak[1]
Endemic to



Wand wood



Red oak (binomial name Quercus rubra) also known as northern red oak or champion oak is an oak in the red oak group (Quercus section Lobatae). It is a native of North America, in the northeastern United States and southeast Canada.[1]


It may often be heard of the ignorant that red oak is an infallible sign of its owner’s hot temper. In fact, the true match for a red oak wand is possessed of unusually fast reactions, making it a perfect duelling wand.[2]

Less common than English oak, Garrick Ollivander found that its ideal master is light of touch, quick-witted and adaptable, often the creator of distinctive, trademark spells, and a good man or woman to have beside one in a fight. He also believed them to make for some of the most handsome wands.[2]


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