The Ramora is a silver fish native to the Indian Ocean that has strong magical power to anchor ships in place. The Ramora is an immensely powerful magical fish in the world of magic, and is a guardian of the seafarers. The International Confederation of Wizards enforce anti-poaching laws to protect this creature from illegal wizard capture.[1]


"Ramora" is another version of Remora, which in latin means 'delay', hence its ability to anchor ships in place. A real fish family, Echeneidae, contains several species collectively known as remoras. The most distinct feature of these fish is their modified first dorsal fin, which forms a suction disc. The disc is used by the fish to latch onto — and hitch a ride with — larger aquatic animals (including sharks, rays, whales, and even occasionally swimming humans) or seagoing vessels. An old superstition held that a remora attached to a ship had the ability to slow or halt the ship's progress, which is the source of the fantastical version of the Ramora. This belief is also referred to in mythology, as in ancient Greek times, the Remora were blamed for the death of Mark Antony at the Battle of Actium and indirectly for the death of Caligula.


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