Remus Lupin: "Have you still not had any luck with Ragnok, Bill?"
William Weasley: "He's feeling pretty anti-wizard at the moment. He hasn't stopped raging about the Bagman business, he reckons the Ministry did a cover-up, those goblins never got their gold from him, you know —"
— An exchange between Remus Lupin and Bill Weasley, about Ragnok.[src]

Ragnok's office at Gringotts Wizarding Bank

Ragnok was a goblin who Bill Weasley tried to convince to side with the Order of the Phoenix in 1995. Bill had no success, however, because Ragnok was feeling a lot of hostility toward wizards at the time. Ludo Bagman had recently failed to pay some goblins winnings to which they felt they were entitled, and Ragnok believed that the Ministry of Magic had conspired to hide evidence of this. He expressed his thoughts on the matter very vehemently.[2]

Ragnok worked at Gringotts Wizarding Bank, and had an office next to Griphook in the main offices at Diagon Alley.[1]


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