Raczidian's wand was the wand belonging to the dark wizard Raczidian.


The wand of Raczidian is, interestingly enough, best known for its final act in the hands of its user; little else is known of how Raczidian used the wand. After the boy Illyius thwarted Raczidian's Dementor army with the Patronus Charm, Raczidian attempted to use the charm to produce a Patronus of his own to drive away Illyius's. However, the supremely confident wizard had forgotten that only a wizard who was pure of heart could perform the spell successfully, and was unaware of the danger he faced. Instead of producing any form of Patronus or failing to act, his wand produced a swarm of maggots that devoured Raczidian, putting an end to his evil ways.[1]


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