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A Quidditch referee (also known as a Quijudge during the early days of the game) is the individual responsible for adjudicating a Quidditch match. Referees are usually extremely brave wizards and witches, and in Great Britain are selected by the Department of Magical Games and Sports. Each referee has to be an excellent flier, and capable of watching the antics of fourteen players at once. They are required to take rigorous flying tests, and written examination on the rules of the game, and prove - through a series of trials - that they will not jinx or curse offensive players even while under pressure.

Referees have had to deal with broom-tampering over the centuries, with the most dangerous example being the turning of a referee's broomstick into a Portkey. The referee was subsequently found months later in the Sahara Desert.

Known Quidditch referees

Rolanda Hooch match 2

Rolanda Hooch


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