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Quidditch Training Pitch
Quidditch Training Pitch
Location information

Hogwarts Grounds, Scotland, Great Britain


Hogwarts School

"Run along, then, Mr. Potter. The Quidditch Training doors are always opened for you."
Rolanda Hooch to Harry Potter in 1991.[src]

The Quidditch Training Pitch was a Quidditch pitch located in the Hogwarts grounds, smaller than the Quidditch Stadium where actual games were held. A noticeable difference is that this training pitch does not contain any goal hoops, rendering it unfit to actually play the game,[1] and presumably why team Captains preferred to use the Stadium instead. It did not, however, have any spectator stands, preventing students from other Houses to spy on the training.

Quidditch Training Pitch2

An overview of the training pitch.

Practice sessions were opened to all students, with individual students being coached by flight instructor Madam Hooch[1] and students belonging to house teams being coached by their team Captain.[2]


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