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#REDIRECT [[Fire Protection Potion]]
[[File:Purple Fire Potion.jpg|thumb|200px|right|A bottle containing some purple fire potion.]]
{{Quote|Danger lies before you, while safety lies behind,<br>Two of us will help you, whichever you would find,<br>One among us seven will let you move ahead,<br>Another will transport the drinker back instead.|The potions riddle.|Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone}}
The '''purple fire potion''' is a [[potion]] used to move through [[purple flames]] unscathed. Effect-wise, it is similar to the [[black fire potion]]: it makes the drinker feel an icy surface surrounding him or her, and provides protection for going through the flames safely. This potion was seen as part of a seven-bottle riddle set by [[Professor]] [[Severus Snape]], which was used to guard the [[Philosopher's Stone]], and allows the drinker to move backwards in the [[Philosopher's Stone chambers|obstacles]]. This potion was placed in the far right.<ref name="ps16">''[[Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone]]'', Chapter 16 (''Through the Trapdoor'')</ref>
==Known Use==
{{Dialogue a-b-a|Harry|It's not [[poison]]?|Hermione|No -- but it's like ice.|Quick, go, before it wears off.|Hermione uses the potion.|Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone}}
[[Hermione Granger]] used the potion to head back and try to contact [[Albus Dumbledore]], while [[Harry Potter]] continued forwards.<ref name="ps16"/>
==See Also==
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*''[[Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone]]''
==Notes and reference==
[[Category:Fire-based potions]]
[[Category:Fire-based potions]]
[[Category:Underground Chambers]]
[[Category:Underground Chambers]]

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