"In the small vegetable patch behind Hagrid's house were a dozen of the largest pumpkins Harry had ever seen. Each was the size of a large boulder."

A pumpkin is a gourd-like squash that grows on vines. It is cultivated for its large pulpy round orange fruit with firm orange skin, and numerous seeds.


There is a vegetable patch by Hagrid's hut that included over a dozen very large pumpkins. Though Hagrid did not say so directly, Hermione Granger deduced that he had used an Engorgement Charm upon them.[1]

In Harry Potter's second year, these pumpkins were carved into lanterns large enough for three men to sit in and displayed during the Hogwarts Hallowe'en festivities.[2]


Buckbeak, a Hippogriff, lying amongst some pumpkins

Pumpkin tart was served at the Start-of-Term Feast in 1993.[3] Later in school year, Harry, Hermione and Ron hid behind some pumpkins in order to not be seen by Professor Dumbledore, Cornelius Fudge and the Executioner. Later that same night, Harry and Hermione went back to the pumpkin patch to rescue Buckbeak. In frustration, following Buckbeak's rescue, Walden Macnair used his axe to slash one of the pumpkins.

In 1996, following Albus Dumbledore's escape from Hogwarts, Harry Potter heard a second year girl assuring another that Cornelius Fudge was lying in St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries with a pumpkin for a head.[4]

The jinx Melofors encases the victim's head in a pumpkin; the Pompion Potion also has this effect.

Pumpkin juice and Pumpkin Pasties are made from pumpkins. Pumpkin fizz is a pumpkin-flavoured sweet.

The shop Pumpkins R Us specialises in pumpkins.


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