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Pukwudgie arrows refers to the deadly, poisonous arrows used by Pukwudgies when they hunt. They would be tipped with the Pukwudgie venom which could kill whoever it is used against.


It is unknown when Pukwudgies begun using the arrows, but they were using them by the 17th Century when Isolt Sayre met and befriended a Pukwudgie she named William. William later saved Isolt and her family by piercing the heart of a Dark witch named Gormlaith Gaunt with an arrow. The arrows proved to be stronger than Dark magic, since it did not go well with the spells Gormlaith was using and she was reduced to nothing but a pile of ash. Even her wand was broken by William's actions, leaving nothing except some of the dragon heartstring core placed in the wood of the wand.[1]



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