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"...a basket of funny custard-coloured furballs that were humming loudly..."
—Description of puffskeins at the Magical Menagerie[src]

A Puffskein is covered in soft fur and spherical in shape. It is a popular pet that does not object to being cuddled or thrown about. The Puffskein is a scavenger, eating anything from leftovers to spiders, but it particularly likes to use its long thin tongue to eat wizards' bogeys while they sleep. This makes them a popular wizarding pet. The Puffskein is easy to care for, and they emit a low humming sound when they are content.[1] A group of Puffskeins or Pygmy Puffs is referred to as a poffle.[2]

Puffskein hair has magical properties, and is used as a potion ingredient, such as in Zygmunt Budge's variation of the Laughing Potion.[3]


Puffskeins for sale at Magical Menagerie.

Ron Weasley owned a Puffskein at one point. Its demise is attributed to Fred, who supposedly used it for Bludger practise. A nest of dead puffskeins were also discovered in 12 Grimmauld Place under the sofa.

They were modified by Fred and George to create Pygmy Puffs. Ginny purchased a purple Pygmy Puff and named it Arnold.

Behind the scenes

  • Puffskeins may draw their inspiration from the television series Star Trek's Tribbles, as they share many of the same characteristics, such as emitting a purring or humming sound when content, and that they are both balls of fur.
  • Fanged puffskeins are mentioned as a possible answer to a question on the W.O.M.B.A.T. (first test, question 7).


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