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[[Category:Protective Spells]]
[[Category:Protective Spells]]
[[Category:Spells with Incantations of Latin Origin]]
[[Category:Spells with Incantations of Latin Origin]]
[[Category:Spells of known incantation]]

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Protego Horribilis

Protego Horribilis
(proh-TAY-goh hor-i-BIL-luhs)



Hand Movement

Point wand at sky


Protects against the darkest magic

"...although he could barely see out of it, he pointed his wand through the smashed window and started muttering incantations of great complexity. Harry heard a weird rushing noise, as though Flitwick had unleashed the power of the wind into the grounds."
—Flitwick casts enchantments such as this one over the school.[src]

Protego Horribilis is a stronger version of the Shield Charm which protects a very large area against highly Dark Magic. It causes anything within the ranges of Dark Magic to rebound off the shield.

Known uses


Latin Protego, "I protect", and Horribilis, "horrible , frightful, dreadful"; altogether the charm means "I protect against the horrible."

Behind the scenes


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