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Protective enchantments

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Protective Enchantments are spells used to protect an area. The spells that are cast usually last a long time and shield specific places.

Casting Enchantments


Molly Weasley using Protego Maxima

In order to protect a place, the caster has to repeat incantations of charms over and over. Popular Enchantments are: Protego Totalum, Salvio Hexia, Repello Inimigotum, Protego Maxima etc. When two or more wizards cast enchantments, the spell collide over the protected area.

Known Uses


Hermione Granger using Salvio Hexia

Behind the scenes

In the video game adaption of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire the Dome Effect that happened during Priori Incantatem is not seen. Instead Voldemort uses the spell to distract Harry while his living skeletons and his paternal family's grave attacks him.


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