"The Wizarding community is currently under threat from an organisation calling itself the Death Eaters. Observing the following simple security guidelines will help protect you, your family and your home from attack."
—The leaflet's introduction[src]

Protecting Your Home and Family Against Dark Forces is a purple pamphlet that was printed and distributed by the Ministry of Magic, when the Ministry acknowledged the Return of the Dark Lord.[1][2]

Content and purpose

The pamphlets were purple with golden letters and had at least ten pages. It contained simple security guidelines that would protect a wizard under threat of Death Eater attack or impersonation. As a conscientious Ministry of Magic employee, Arthur Weasley insisted that his family attempt to implement at least some of its recommendations. It did also mention Inferi, albeit not giving a very detailed description.[3]

Harry Potter found the pamphlet to be less-than-useful, as he did not ask Albus Dumbledore what his favourite flavour of jam was as a security question. The lack of information on Inferi also made Harry question the document's usefulness.[3]

Behind the scenes

  • In the Harry Potter films, this pamphlet is instead a single page public notice, similar in appearance to others seen in the films.



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