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Progress Report of Magical Didactics

The Progress Report of Magical Didactics.

The Progress Report of Magical Didactics is a document used to evaluate Hogwarts teachers. It was passed by the Department of Magical Education and firstly referred to in Decree Number 189.OL5 of 1975. Some basic biographical and magical information that the document requires includes name, age, star sign, address, magic rune, expiration number, agility, magical technique, accuracy, wand control, among others. Based on answering some questions (like Do you consider yourself a risk taker? Give an example) the teacher would be graded Appalling, Bad, Fair, Good or Excellent. [1]

During her term as Hogwarts High Inquisitor, Dolores Umbridge may have used this, ostensibly as a means of evaluating Hogwarts teachers. In actuality, however, Umbridge targeted any teacher close to Albus Dumbledore that she felt she had a reasonable chance of dismissing without raising suspicions.


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