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In the woods at the 1994 Quidditch World Cup in Dartmoor, England, this effect was invoked by Amos Diggory by incantation on Harry Potter's wand, which had been wielded by Winky the house-elf, in order to determine who had conjured the Dark Mark over the campsite.

Duel graveyard

Priori Incantem in Harry's first duel with Voldemort.

In the Little Hangleton Graveyard on 24 June, 1995, Lord Voldemort was resurrected from the dead with the blood of Harry Potter. A duel ensued, in which the wands, both of which possessed phoenix feathers from Fawkes, pet of Albus Dumbledore, were locked together in golden light, and Voldemort's wand, submissive to Harry's, created shadows of Frank Bryce, Bertha Jorkins, Cedric Diggory, and James and Lily Potter.



The echo of Cedric Diggory

Where a duel occurs between parties with wand cores from the same source, simultaneous spell-casting by both witches or wizards will trigger an effect whereby both wands are linked through a single, golden thread of energy, off of which shoot hundreds of beams of golden light forming a cage around the casters.

The two wand holders are forced to compete in a battle of wills in which the loser's wand is forced to regurgitate ghostly echoes of previous spells cast by said wand in reverse order of which they were cast. The victims of murder are able to hold conversations with those around them and are capable of remembering the events leading up, to and even after, their deaths.

Behind the scenes

Arthur weasley duel

Arthur Weasley and an unidentified Death Eater duelling, producing an effect similar to Priori Incantatem

  • In the novel of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Bertha Jorkins' echo appears during Voldemort's duel with Harry, while in the film adaptation, her echo doesn't appear. This is because the character of Bertha Jorkins has been omitted entirely from the films.



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