"A grim mood has gripped the country."
—Prime Minister's political opponent.[src]

This individual was a Muggle politician who, in the summer of 1996, appeared on the news not only to enumerate all the dreadful calamities that had then struck the country (the collapse of the Brockdale Bridge, the nasty and well-publicised murders of Amelia Bones and Emmeline Vance and the "freak hurricane" in the West Country), but also to explain why every one of them was the government's fault.[1] He was running for the position of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom against current prime minister, who was visited by then-Minister for Magic Cornelius Fudge and subsequent Minister Rufus Scrimgeour, who attempted to explain to the leader of the Muggle community what was truly going on.

In fact, all of those incidents were a result of Lord Voldemort's rise to power; the Brockdale Bridge having been snapped in two by Death Eaters; Amelia Bones and Emmeline Vance having been murdered because of their connections to the Ministry of Magic and the Order of the Phoenix, respectively; and the "freak hurricane" having been caused by Giants.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • This political opponent of the Prime Minister's is never named in the series, and may be intended to be a fictional character. Since the Harry Potter series is set mostly in the 1990s the most likely real-life candidate would be Tony Blair, the Leader of the Opposition from 1994 to 1997.


Notes and references

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