Pride of Portree are a Quidditch team that play in the British and Irish Quidditch League. Formed in 1292, the team is based in the small town of Portree, which is located on the Isle of Skye, an island of the Inner Hebrides.

Fans of the Pride of Portree commonly refer to the team as the "Prides", and their playing robes are purple with a gold star emblazoned on the chest. Pride of Portree have won the League Cup at least twice.

Known players for Pride of Portree are Chaser Catriona McCormack, Keeper Meaghan McCormack and Seeker Dougal McBride.



The team was founded.


Catriona McCormack was Chaser and captain of the team, leading them to two League Cups.


Meaghan McCormack played as Keeper for the side.


Pride of Portree played the Falmouth Falcons at Exmoor. Nobody could see the Quidditch pitch or the opposing team, because of the Ministry of Magic's invisibility spell on the stadium.

Pride of Portree were defeated by the Appleby Arrows. The two Seekers collided in their race for the Golden Snitch, and both had illegal jinxes used on them. Arrows Seeker Gregory Cotton came out of a scuffle with Portree Seeker Dougal McBride with the Snitch in his hand, only to have his head transfigured into a cabbage by McBride. McBride defended his actions to the referee, Josiah Plunkett, by claiming that Cotton had hit him with a Jelly-Fingers Curse during the race for the Snitch, and thus deserved to be "cabbaged."

Pride of Portree were sixth in the League on October 1st.[1]

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