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A pox is a type of infectious disease characterised by the eruption of blisters on the body and usually transferred to humans from animals.[1]


Wizardkind and Muggles alike suffered from pox. One of the non-magical varieties was chicken pox, which Billy Stubbs and Eric Whalley, children living at Wool's Orphanage, got in 1938.[2]


A wizard afflicted with Dragon Pox

The one known magical variety was Dragon Pox. It was first contracted by wizards and witches who worked with Peruvian Vipertooths.[3] Symptoms included a lasting green tinge to the skin, a green-and-purple rash between the toes, and sneezing sparks.[4][5] Although generally not fatal, it could prove deadly when contracted by the elderly.[6]


The Fat Friar, a Christian monk and wizard who lived during the Middle Ages, cured many peasants of "the pox" by merely "poking [them] with a stick."[7] This, along with his habit of conjuring rabbits from the communion cup, caused his senior churchmen to become suspicious of him, which lead to his execution.[7]

In the 12th century, Muggles in the village of Stinchcombe, Gloucestershire regularly went to their neighbour Linfred (who, unbeknownst to them, was a wizard) seeking remedies for the ailments that afflicted them.[8] He readily brewed potions for them, including cures for pox and ague.[8]


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