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"Lost a lot of Galleons trading on the potions market."
—A goblin stockbroker at the Ministry of Magic.[src]

The potions market is presumably a stock exchange for the trading of potions and/or potion-manufacturing company stock. Gringotts Wizarding Bank had goblin stockbrokers in this market.



"Potion Prices Slip, May Be Headed For The Dungeons."
Daily Prophet headline.[src]

On 2 September, 1991, potion prices were noted to have slipped drastically. This might have affected the potions market.[1]


"Terrible day, yesterday."
—A goblin stockbroker following the events of 11 August.[src]

On 11 August, 1995, a Gringotts goblin stockbroker lost a large amount of gold in the potions market.[2]


Notes and references

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