"Potter, go to the dungeons and fetch the potion ingredients for the class. Bring back Wiggentree bark, Moly, Dittany and Flobberworm mucus."
Severus Snape to Harry Potter[src]

These dungeons were some rooms deep below the Potions Classroom in the Dungeons of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry connected via a trapdoor-bridge to the classroom. It was a massive labyrinthish location that required a very skilled experience to get through, having large gaps, Gargoyles that needed to be used, with the use of Lumos, falling platforms, portcullises and many difficult obstacles.[1]

The Bloody Baron was known to be lurking around in these dungeons. One could always know when he came, as the torches would lose fire when he passed.

In the 1992–1993 school year during the Wiggenweld Potion brewing lesson, Severus Snape accused Harry Potter for being late and was taken house points from Gryffindor and as punishment was ordered down in these dungeons to collect Wiggentree bark, Moly, Dittany and Flobberworm Mucus. As Harry returned, Snape had already dismissed class, and Harry was punished with losing 3 house points more for being late back.

The dungeons had 3 Challenge Stars in it, but according to Professor Snape they wouldn't earn Harry any further credit, being rather useless.

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