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"Potter, I've never seen such pathetic work. Go fetch the jar of Fireflies from the adjoining room."
Severus Snape to Harry Potter.[src]

This room connected the Potions Classroom to the Firefly Room, a potions ingredient storeroom. It was made of dark stone and the floor had two large, circular iron grates. It was drafty, dark, and damp like the rest of the dungeons, and had a large balcony overhead. It was located above the Troll Storeroom.

In the 1991-1992 school year, Severus Snape sent Harry Potter into this room, so that he could fetch a jar of fireflies to improve his potion. A cloaked Quirinus Quirrell, however, emerged from the overhead balcony, and shot a curse that made a hole in the floor, making Harry fall into the deeper dungeons below.[1]

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