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A potion-making kit is a small container holding the essentials one would need to brew a potion. The kit contains various potion ingredients, a small cauldron and heat source, a cutting board for preparing ingredients, and various other tools such as a stirring stick.[1] Though not explicitly listed on the first year supply list, a potion-making kit appears to be an essential tool for Potions class, and thus all Hogwarts students presumably own one.

Harry Potter was running low on spine of lionfish and essence of belladonna for his potion-making kit by the summer of 1994, and thus had Molly Weasley pick him up some during her shopping in Diagon Alley.[2] Harry's potion-making kit was one of the few possessions he kept with him when he permanently left 4 Privet Drive in 1997.[3]

Horace Slughorn also owned a potion-making kit. He used this kit to prepare a Love Potion Antidote for Ronald Weasley on 1 March, 1997, and Harry took a Bezoar from this kit later that evening to save Ron from the poisoned mead Slughorn had unknowingly served him.[4]


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