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Potage's Cauldron Shop

Potage's Cauldron Shop was the first shop one encountered when entering North Side, Diagon Alley from the Leaky Cauldron. It sold all types of cauldrons, displaying them in a stack outside the shop, under a sign which read: "Cauldrons - All Sizes - Copper, Brass, Pewter, Silver - Self-Stirring - Collapsible."[1] It is owned by Madam Potage.

A branch of the shop is also located in Knockturn Alley.



In 1991 Harry Potter and Rubeus Hagrid came to Potage's to buy a Pewter Cauldron for Harry, since every first year student had to be equipped with one.[1]

Potage's hoarding

Potage's Cauldron Shop hoarding


During the Christmas holidays, Potage's was temporarily closed, due "to some faulty cauldrons causing a stir".[2]

Products sold

  • Pewter Cauldron, Size 2 (15 Galleons)
  • Brass Cauldron, Size 2 (21 Galleons)
  • Copper Cauldron, Size 2 (25 Galleons)

Behind the scenes


Potage, pronounced (pot-AZH), from the Latin-French root pot meaning drink, is a "soup", particularly a rich and creamy one. It has a more English cognate pottage (POT-idge), which usually refers to a vegetable soup, with or without meat.


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