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"For a moment the kettle trembled, glowing with an odd blue light; then it quivered to rest, as solidly black as ever."
The Goblet of Fire Triwizard cup Portkey

The Triwizard Cup in 1995, when it was a portkey

Portus is the incantation to a charm used to transform an ordinary object into a Portkey. Since creating Portkeys are restricted by the Ministry of Magic, the usage of this spell also requires permission. This was the subject of a question of the Theory of Charms O.W.L. in 1996[1]


Immediately after casting, the target will glow bright blue, as the Portkey does when it is ready, but after a few seconds it will return to its normal colour.

Etimology Edit

Portus it may comes from the latin word "portandum" which means to carry, or from French "porter" or Catalan "portar" (that have the same meaning).

Known usersEdit


Notes and referencesEdit

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