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The Portrait Room was a room in Hogwarts Castle, where a number of portraits were hung and statues were on the floor. Several portraits hid secret passageways to the upper levels.  It was shown on the map and labled in subtitles in the Philosopher's Stone for gamecube, playstation 2, and was also labled in the Chamber of Secrets for Xbox and playstation 2, but it seems like you can't go in there.  But maybe you can go in there in those versions because it's on the map and in most video games with maps, you can go into all areas on the maps.  You can get to it from the Great Hall in the GBC versions of the Philosopher's Stone and Chamber of Secrets, where there's many talking statues and portraits.  You can get to it from the Entrance Hall and the Great Hall in the Prisoner of Azkaban for GBA.  You can go to it from the Entrance Hall only in the Chamber of Secrets for GBA.


Hogwarts Castle
Locations on the ground floor

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Portraits, statues and other artwork located on the ground floor

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