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Portaberto was a spell used to splinter a lock from a door; prior to the discovery of the Unlocking Charm, this was the most popular spell for the purpose. Unfortunately, it was known to occasionally leave a smoking hole where the key should have gone. However, it was a substantial improvement over Open Sesame, the previously most popular unlocking spell.[1]

Known usesEdit

  • Cerberus Langarm, an officer of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, performed this charm during an investigation to gain entry to a secret Owlery belonging to Bilius Finbok[2]. It was unknown if the spell was truly successful, as it was implied that the door had already been unlocked, either by Mathilda Grimblehawk or her partner during one of their past visits to the Owlery.


The incantation Portaberto is most likely a portmanteau of porta ("door" in several Romance languages including Latin, Catalan and Portuguese) and aberto (Portuguese for the adjective "open")[3][4]. Taken together, the incantation refers to the spell's capacity to open doors.

Interestingly, this spell shares a similar etymology with Aberto, ostensibly another door-opening spell. This suggests that these two spells may be related in some way.

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Notes and referencesEdit

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