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"Yes, yes, oatmeal! Are you telling me you cannot see the signs? The foretelling of suffering and death?"
—Professor Trelawney[src]

Porridge is a meal, similar to oatmeal, and is typically eaten at breakfast.


The wizard in "The Wizard and the Hopping Pot", was about to eat it when he was interrupted by a farmer who had lost his donkey.[1]

Molly Weasley also often made porridge for breakfast at the Burrow.[2]

It was also served for breakfast at Hogwarts; Ron Weasley liked to pour sugar on his.[3]

In 1995, when Professor Trelawney's fifth year Divination class was studying dream interpretation, Harry made up some dreams in which he was eating porridge, but according to Trelawney even these dull dreams foretold a gruesome and early death for him.[4]

Ginny Weasley also knocked over a bowl of porridge once because she saw Harry Potter (not that it was a surprise - more out of embarrassment) in her house.

On Platform Nine and Three-Quarters, Lily L. Potter once told Ron Weasley that his breath smelt of porridge.[5]

In 2020, Ron Weasley was eating porridge on Hermione Granger's desk at the Ministry of Magic.[6]

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