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"I know what that woman did to you... I know that you’ve suffered... you need to stop this now... Newt and I will protect you."
—Tina's sympathy towards Credence Barebone[src]

Porpentina Esther[1] "Tina" Scamander (née Goldstein[12]) (b. 19 August, 1901[1]) was a half-blood American witch. She attended Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where she was sorted into Thunderbird house. After graduating from IIvermorny she became an Auror for the Magical Congress of the United States of America.[13]

Tina was dismissed from her position as an Auror for magically assaulting the No-maj Mary Lou Barebone. She assaulted Mary Lou in front of witnesses as a response to her beating her adopted son, Credence Barebone. Goldstein was investigating the New Salem Philanthropic Society, against the orders of her superiors. She was reinstated in 1926 after helping to arrest Gellert Grindelwald and preventing him from exposing the wizarding community and provoking war.

Tina later became the wife of famed magizoologist and author Newt Scamander.[14] Sometime after retiring from the Auror Office she moved to the United Kingdom with her husband. The couple had at least one son. They also had a grandson Rolf Scamander and two known great grandsons Lorcan and Lysander Scamander.


Early lifeEdit

Porpentina Esther Goldstein was born somewhere in the United States of America on 19 August 1901.[1][13] She had at least one sibling, a younger sister named Queenie.[15] The sisters lost their mother and father at a very young age due to Dragon Pox.[16] Afterwards, they "raised each other" and consequently maintained a very strong bond into adulthood.[6][17]

Porpentina's friends and family called her by the nickname "Tina".[2] She and her sister Queenie may have been Jewish.[18]

During her youth, Tina attended Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry,[19] where she was sorted into Thunderbird house.[11]

MACUSA careerEdit

Newt Scamander: "I saw you hugging that Second Salem boy. "
Tina: "His name's Credence. His mother beats him. She beats all those kids she's adopted, but she seems to hate him the most."
Newt Scamander: "And she was the No-Maj you attacked?"
Tina: "That's how I lost my job. I went for her in front of a meeting of her crazy followers. They all had to be Obliviated. It was a big scandal."
— Tina explaining the reason for recent demotion[src]
Fantastic-beasts-credence tina

Tina comforts Credence Barebone after attacking Mary Lou

Tina worked for the Magical Congress of the United States of America.[20] Originally an Auror,[20] she stood up for Credence Barebone, and used magic in front of his adoptive mother Mary Lou Barebone, the leader of the New Salem Philanthropic Society, to assault her for what he had done to Credence. Her superiors did not approve and they demoted Tina to the position of Federal Wand Permit Officer.[21] This job was well below her abilities and personal ambitions.[20] Her sister Queenie also had a menial desk job in the wand permit office.[22]

Meeting with NewtEdit

"Mr. Scamander, do you know anything about the wizarding community in America? We don't like things loose. "
—Tina regarding the opening of Newt's case[src]

In 1926,[10] Tina was living in a brownstone with her sister at 679 West 24th Street in New York.[1][6][23] One day, Tina took a break from work where she found Mary Lou preaching in a rally at the steps of Steen National Bank on 6 December 1926. She noticed a billywig flying above them before she met British magizoologist Newt Scamander who was running through the crowd in search of a Niffler that had escaped his suitcase. Tina thought he seemed strange and decided to follow him.[13]

Fantastic-beasts-newt tina meet

Tina confronting Newt Scamander after an incident within the Steen National Bank

Seeing Newt use magic and Apparate with No-Maj Jacob Kowalski, she apprehended Newt. She asked him whether he Obliviated Jacob and she was unhappy to find he not only had not, but he knew very little about how things worked in America's wizarding community.

Finding out about the creatures in his suitcase, Tina took Newt and the suitcase to MACUSA headquarters. She interrupted a meeting being held by President Seraphina Picquery who sent her away when she failed to explain herself. Returning to her office, she and Newt were eventually joined by Auror Percival Graves, who wanted to know about the suitcase. However, when she opened it, she found it contained cakes belonging to Jacob. She and Newt then realised that the No-Maj had the real suitcase and left to retrieve it.

Fantastic Beasts Sisters

Tina introduces her sister Queenie to Newt and Jacob

Arriving at Jacob's apartment, they found it in partial ruin, which Newt quickly repaired. They found Jacob unwell, having been bitten by a Murtlap, and discovered creatures had escaped. Tina offered them a place to stay at her home, believing it best to keep the No-Maj with them until he recovered. She introduced them to her sister and they shared a meal together. She later showed them to their room and left them alone. However, when she checked up on them later that evening, she found them and the suitcase missing.

She tracked them down to an ice rink under a bridge in Central Park. When they climbed into the suitcase, Tina locked it and took it to MACUSA where she interrupted a greater meeting to inform them about the creatures. She was soon restrained alongside Newt and Jacob, the magizoologist being blamed for one of his creatures allegedly having murdered Senator Henry Shaw Junior. However, Newt observed the markings on the projection of Shaw Junior and stated that only an Obscurus could've killed him, which caused unrest in the room, in which Picquery denied that any Obscurus existed in America.

Fantastic-beasts-tina death cell

Tina in the Death Cell suspended above a pool of Death potion about to be executed

While being interrogated by Deputy Officer Graves, he discovered the harmless Obscurus that Newt had contained in his suitcase and accused Newt of conspiring with Gellert Grindelwald. Against Newt's protests, he sentenced both Tina and Newt to death. Tina had her memories extracted and was strapped into a chair. While she was hovering above the death potion, she witnessed a memory of herself attacking Mary Lou Barebone and comforting Credence. During this time, Newt was able to free himself from his restraints with the help of his bowtruckle, Pickett. Newt then used a Swooping Evil to rescue Tina. They tried to flee MACUSA but were pursued by Aurors. They bumped into Queenie and Jacob, who had the suitcase; they climbed into it while Queenie walked out with it.


Tina and Newt in the Blind Pig in order to meet with Gnarlak

They made a plan to retrieve the last two creatures. However, since one was invisible, they needed help locating it. Tina took everyone to the Blind Pig to meet Gnarlak, who agreed to help them for a price. Gnarlak wanted Newt's bowtruckle Picket, in order to pick locks. They received the information they were looking for, but Gnarlak betrayed them. They Apparated away in time to escape the Aurors.

Heading to a department store, they discovered the Demiguise stealing things for an Occamy. Tina helped entrap the Occamy in a teapot, bringing an end to the search for escaped creatures. They then headed to the rooftop of a building where they stumbled across Credence in Obscurial form fleeing from Aurors. Newt decided to try to save him, and Tina followed him. She met Percival Graves again, who tried to injure her by throwing a car at her, telling her that she always showed up at the worst time.

She followed them to a subway station, where she nearly managed to talk Credence down. However, the arrival of Seraphina and the other Aurors scared him, and he was seemingly destroyed by the Aurors' attack. This angered Percival, who advanced on Seraphina, dispatching Aurors with unparalleled skill, but thankfully, Newt managed to restrain him with his Swooping Evil and Tina used a Summoning Charm to relieve him of his wand. After Newt unmasked "Percival" as Gellert Grindelwald in disguise, Tina witnessed the Thunderbird Frank help Obliviate every No-Maj in New York.


Newt and Tina saying a temporary goodbye

Saying goodbye to Jacob before he lost his memory of their time together, she later bid farewell to Newt as he boarded a ship home to Great Britain. They shared a tender moment before he had to leave her, and Newt promised to meet her again to deliver his book Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them to her.

Later lifeEdit

Tina eventually married Newt and moved to the United Kingdom.[24] The couple had at least one child, who in turn gave them a grandson, Rolf.[25]

As of the late 20th century,[26] she lived with her husband in Dorset with their pet Kneazles: Hoppy, Milly, and Mauler.[14] Following her grandson's marriage to Luna Lovegood, Tina became the great-grandmother of twin boys, Lorcan and Lysander Scamander.[27]

Tina was still alive and living in Dorset with her husband in 2017.[28]

Physical appearance Edit

Tina had both brown hair and eyes.

Personality and traits Edit

Tina apparently had a practical, level-headed personality, being described as "grounded."[29] However, she was also described as being "very soulful" and as having "a lot of heart, strengths, and courage."[17] She was naturally ambitious and had a desire to stand up for what was right.[9]

Magical abilities and skillsEdit

  • Duelling: Tina, being an Auror, was a highly skilled duelist, though she was notably beaten in a duel rather quickly by Gellert Grindelwald, under the guise of Percival Graves, when he caused a car to fly across the street to try to hit her so he could continue following the Obscurus of Credence Barebone.
  • Apparition: Tina was capable of apparating across New York City with relative ease, but noticeably did not use it to directly appear inside the Woolworth Building and used the front entrance instead, seemingly since the building does not allow entry though apparition.


Porpetina Goldstein wand


Porpentina is derived from the archaic word "Porpentine". Porpentine is a form of the term "porcupine", used by William Shakespeare in the play Hamlet.[30] Tina originates from the Old English "Tyne" meaning river. Goldstein is an occupational German name, meaning "gold" with Stein being translated to "stone".

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Katherine Waterston played the role of Tina Goldstein in the film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.[31]
  • Katherine Waterston was around ten years older than her role when she played Porpentina in Fantastic Beasts and where to Find Them.
  • Tina was the first known student of Ilvermorny introduced in the franchise, though the fact that she attended the school wasn't revealed until a few months before the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film was released.


Notes and referencesEdit

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