The Porlock is a horse guardian native to England and southern Ireland.


They are small, reaching a height of two feet on average when they are fully grown, and covered in a large amount of rough, shaggy hair. It has a large nose, small arms ending in four stubby fingers, and it walks on two cloven hooves.

The Porlock guards horses, and lives on grass. It can either be found nesting in the straw of a stable, or in the middle of the herd it is protecting. Porlocks are mistrustful of Humans, and hide at their approach.[1]


In the fourteenth century, Porlocks were classified as beings by the Wizards' Council based on the fact that they were able to walk on two legs. They were later reclassified as beasts.

Porlocks were studied by fifth year students at Hogwarts School during the 1995-1996 school year.


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