"I stopped by the Siren's Rest to see if 'pork scratchings' were a real thing when the Muggles went crazy! The local lads are all fired up about the monster and the missing Muggle. They've gone to catch it!"
Sage Bragnam[src]

Pork scratchings (called pork rinds in North America) were a Muggle snack food comprised of fried or roasted pig skin.[1]

Pork scratchings are, apparently, not very popular among wizards. Sage Bragnam went to the Siren's Rest in Wales during a Ministry of Magic investigation of a creature sighting in the nearby lake, and he was going to enquire if "pork scratchings" were a real thing when he witnessed the landlord and a gathering of local lads gathering to find a missing young woman who had, supposedly, been snatched by the creature.[2]

Later on, when searching the empty pub, Mathilda Grimblehawk only found two Muggle newspapers and a bag of pork scratchings — she immediately remarked "They're for Sage, of course."[3]


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