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{{Merge|Unidentified healing spell (II)}}
#REDIRECT [[Vulnera Sanentur]]
{{Spell infobox
|name=Healing spell
|type=[[Healing spell]]
|effect=Heals injuries
{{Quote|She cleaned the cut with a dab of some [[Wound-cleaning potion|purple liquid]] that smoked and stung, but then poked his shoulder with [[Poppy Pomfrey's wand|her wand]], and he felt it heal instantly.|Madam Pomfrey heals Harry's wound.|Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire}}
This '''unidentified healing spell''' was a [[healing spell]] that healed injuries. It was used by [[Poppy Pomfrey|Madam Pomfrey]] to heal injuries on [[Harry Potter]] made by the [[Unidentified female Hungarian Horntail|Hungarian Horntail]].<ref name="gof20">''[[Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire]]'', Chapter 20 (''The First Task'')</ref>
==Behind the scenes==
It is possibly the same [[Unidentified healing spell (II)|healing spell]] used by [[Albus Dumbledore]] in the [[Horcrux Cave]].
*''[[Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire]]'' {{1st}}
*''[[Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince]]'' {{Comment|Possibly}}
==Notes and references==
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[[Category:Healing spells]]
[[Category:Medical Magic]]
[[Category:Spells of unknown incantation]]
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