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{{Death Eater individual infobox
{{Death Eater individual infobox

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This individual was a member of Lord Voldemort's Death Eaters during the Second Wizarding War. It is also likely that she fought during the First Wizarding War, as most of her fellow Death Eaters did so. She was seen at the meeting at Malfoy Manor in 1997. She fought in the final battle of the Second War, the Battle of Hogwarts alongside her fellows and Voldemort himself. Instead of the Malfoys or some other Death Eaters she was fighting loyal to Voldemort alongside several members of the Death Eaters.

She was was last seen fighting against Madam Pomfrey during the Skirmish at the Great Hall, moments before Molly and Bellatrix's duel started.[1]

After Voldemort's defeat she might have been arrested.

Behind the scenes

Female Death Eater disarming George

The female Death Eater listening to Voldemort's speech after disarming George Weasley.


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